Learn English

English is a world language which is fairly easy to grasp, but do you need a hand with all the nuances and grammar in a light but effective way? Call for your free assessment and be on your way to a personalised learning plan to meet you where you are now and geared to get you where you want to go! Schedule your free call above.

Corporate Consultation

Customised inner leadership training for peer groups from C-Level, Managers and employees. Elemental leadership is a training of inner-leadership improving soft skills with immediate results in improvement of productivity and employee retention. Schedule your free call above.

Personal Development

For individuals and groups. Particularly parents, entrepreneurs afraid to be all they can be, are you going through transitions at home, in your career, at school, in your relationships? Improve your feelings from mediocre to magnificent with a personalised programme. Schedule your free call above.


Hyacinth Jones

Life Coach active in Education

Compassionate Parenting, Innovative Education and Entrepreneurship Development

- Mechelen, BELGIUM -