If you try to learn all at once, there’s a high chance you’ll get overwhelmed. It helps to have a coach or a mentor to help speed up the learning process.
— - Daniel, Rich Dad Coach


How I Work

I help you get to the heart of the matter and achieve results in less time than you would on your own, with a number of tools like deep intuition, metaphysics, meditation as well as good old science based research. The proven comprehensive approaches I use, let you reach your goals through dialogue, reflective writing, imagery and visual expression, vocal and breathing training, mindset coaching, body awareness and your innate practical wisdom.

I work with you based on these key principles:

  • How you think is how you behave. Making significant change requires shifting not only your behaviour, but also the thinking behind your behaviour. I will help you shift your mindset, so you can sustain the changes you make.

  • Trust your innate wisdom. You know your strengths and talents. But internal and external obstacles get in your way. I help you get unstuck by using your strengths, talents and practical wisdom to overcome your obstacles.

  • You’ll learn practical approaches. I help you develop explicit objectives with step-by-step plans, structures and skills to accomplish your goals.

  • We are a team. You’re the expert on yourself. I bring more than 20 years of personal experience in guiding people to learn, grow and enhance their lives. Together we decide what approaches best suit your needs.

  • You have all the skills needed to do this work. As well as completing three scientifically supported characteristic assessments to determine your talents and dominating characteristics, if you are open to it, I’ll also ask you to make simple drawings and/or write. You need absolutely no art or writing experience or talent. If you can draw a stick figure of a person, or scratch out some words - that works. Just bring your willingness to explore and experiment. Through your drawings it's possible to help you identify and address issues that are not easily articulated through using language alone.

I use these same principles and methods whether coaching, providing training services, consulting or facilitating retreats. I apply them differently depending on your needs and what you want to achieve.

My approach is compassionate and comprehensive. It draws on my expertise and over 20 years of experience in the fields of leadership, innovation, human interaction and organisational effectiveness.

I love my work, which is both my vocation and pre-occupation. I am continually learning and getting inspired by those with whom we have the privilege of working.


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