When do you hire a coach? When something is important to you, like your health, wealth, your well-being, or your relationships.

A coach will take you from where you are, to beyond where you thought you could go.

From personal development coaching, inner leadership workshops and retreats, I specifically design these interactions to facilitate your connection to your innate leadership potential. 

Results you can expect:

  • Handle emotionally charged interactions effectively;

  • Reduce self-limiting behaviours, habits that interfere with your progress;

  • Improve your productivity by clarifying choices, solving problems and then meeting your goals;

  • Resolve conflicts with a win-win focused outcome;

  • Thrive by fully using your talents, gifts and strengths;

  • Be enthusiastic about going to work, to school and going home;

  • Experience the power and subtlety of your own voice;

  • Share your ideas and opinions in a way that honours your elemental nature;

  • Trust your intuition.

I will help you get to the heart of the matters that hinder your progress in the areas you choose. Achieve the results you want in less time than you could do it alone (that's the magic of coaching). I'll use proven techniques and approaches that enable you to get immediate results. As an experienced, heart-centred, pragmatic coach, I support you going beyond short-term superficial focus to achieving lasting results that YOU can sustain over time.


I co-create outstanding experiences for you, to help you be resilient, brilliant and authentic.  Remember, You hold the key to all your dreams, unlocking them takes some persistence, insights and lots of support.

If you're ready to take that first step to finding out your unique strengths and leadership potential, why not book a consultation today? 

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English Coaching

.  [...] In the coming years we definitely need to ask [for] your help to receive lessons from you. Hopefully you will continue in this way, and we wish you a lot of success. As a mom, I thought is was a huge experience. A totally different approach than the other teachers we already had.

- Rosita Swerts, mother of Kato, 15  after six weeks of private English tuition.

“They said they felt a better connection with you in 20 minutes than they do with some teachers in 3 years.”

 — Teacher on behalf of Yr 12 Students at Koninklijke Technische Atheneum Wemmel, Belgium

Kato Theys.png

"She gives me time to think about things and is very patient with me and always helps me."

- Kato, 15, Private English Student

personal development


“She is an honest and dedicated coach who is there for you.”

Nicolette Van 't Hek, 50, Actress, Potter, Mechelen, Belgium


“Just talking with Hycy makes you realize not only her power and strength but also that of yourself."

— Janaki 22, Student Communication & Multimedia Design, The Netherlands

summer theatre workshop

I joined theatre cause I love it and it [the play] was the longest and one of the best (maybe best) play I ever did. I got loads of compliments.

I have learned that sometimes you know deep inside what you want to become but you hide from it, and now I know I want to become an actress.

I would tell people about Hyacinth Jones cause she can be serious and focused but  she is also funny and friendly and gives workshops in way I never had.

- 12 year old Theatre Workshop participant (NL), Italy 31 July -11 August 2018

It was lots of fun and I learned how to be more self confident and I am proud of me and the others. Thank you 'auntie' Hyacinth for that experience.

- 12 year old Theatre Workshop participant (AT), Italy 31 July -11 August 2018

Having the drama workshop helped me to understand myself. Hyacinth's gift to us was to help us understand us better what element we all have. I have learned a lot.

- 23 year old Theatre Workshop participant (AT), Italy 31 July -11 August 2018

I definitely learned a lot about which qualities and elements are inside me and which are the strongest. To anyone who is interested in becoming stronger by believing in yourself and understanding why you are they way you are, I would recommend Hyacinth Jones.

- 14 year old Theatre Workshop participant (AT), Italy 31 July -11 August 2018

Having theatre workshops has benefited my self-esteem and relationships because it's made me realise more about my self. Hyacinth brought joy and confidence to the sessions. I've learned more about myself, aware about life and Hyacinth should show and share  because I want others to experience what I did, it can make a difference. I've learned more depth about each quality [dignity, compassion, fortitude and joy].

- 16 year old Theatre Workshop participant (UK), Italy 31 July -11 August 2018

Hyacinth helped me project my voice further and taught me what to do if I forget my lines on stage. she also taught me that I'm me and that is my power! That I can use my me-ness to do amazing things. I definitely recommend Hyacinth to self-conscious people, primary and secondary schools all over the world. Hyacinth's particular gifts and strengths that she brought to the sessions were happiness, funniness and order. 

- 11 year old Theatre Workshop participant (UK), Italy 31 July -11 August 2018

I chose theatre because I wanted to see what it was. Elle est tres jantille et elle nous fai bien comprendre ce que l'on doit faire. Elle est aussi une tres bonne actrice. Tres joyeuse et aimable.

- 11 year old Theatre Workshop participant (FR), Italy 31 July -11 August 2018

[Hyacinth's workshop] gave me more courage as I used to have stage fright. By acting the part of the tiger, I gained a lot of confidence on stage.

- 11 year old Theatre Workshop participant (UK), Italy 31 July -11 August 2018



"...Keep an eye on Hycy Jones ladies and her Volume You."

— Marie-Claire Hermans, CEO Energy for Experts, New York and Belgium


"I love the way you reflect inner peace together with your motivation."

— Ferdiana Hoti, International Law PhD Student, Antwerp Belgium


“…having the chance to meet such incredible women including you is an absolute breath of fresh air.”

Ayelet Lerner, Women & Jewellery, Antwerp, Belgium