Hyacinth is a born entrepreneur, a self-didact, passionate parent educator, and a inner-strengths coach. Determined to stimulate positive change in the leadership and education of children.


My story is not a new one. I was approaching 40 years old when I realised that the reason I had such a hard time complying to classroom education, throughout my life, was because I was a self-learner and entrepreneur (i.e. a risk-taker, a strategist and an active learner), which in my school, at least, was not recognised as a thing.

I was surprised to see, nearly 30 years later when I enrolled for a BA in Teaching English & IT, that not much had changed.
The more I studied, the more wearisome it became because there was no place for my out-of-the-box way of thinking and questioning.
Before the end of my traditional studies, I had already sought and secured employment to implement and adapt the knowledge I had gained.

After having two children of my own, I realised it was imperative to do something to compliment their traditional education and enhance their self-leadership abilities. Of course home-schooling came up as a possible option, but because I am a strong supporter of integrated education/knowledge, I recognised that I had to start with myself (i.e. what I imbibe, my children will pick up, and from there I can choose an environment for each child to learn according to their strengths).

I went on a deep inward journey and re-discovered my inner-child and her intrinsic strengths. I allowed this to be the basis of democratic, disciplined yet loving interaction between myself and my family.

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Most of the adults I know (myself included) show signs of non-productive emotional patterns, stemming from childhood. I was keen to tackle the issues affecting my self-esteem and I firmly believe that I am now an example to my children for having the courage to admit that I had issues and undertake methods to instil self-compassion in myself to overcome them.

I have since invested much time and resources into learning and sharing how to build inner-leadership awareness in children and parents. Until recently, when asked to step out from behind my volunteer mask, I had little awareness that my knowledge combined with my unique style of interaction and communication could be valued beyond my imagination.

Before my children, I worked as a Legal Secretary, Project Manager and Administrator for many, many years, because of the remuneration. But my soul’s need to serve a wider (more appreciative) audience was not met as a secretary, nor as a conventional teacher.

I've been practising coaching on a voluntary basis for about 20 years and in the past three years have accomplished a certified Coaching qualification, which I'm very proud of. I searched far and wide to find anything remotely affordable, logistical and stimulating and I'm glad I persevered. Now I'm here to cast some hope to others looking for the same thing, in the eventuality that you feel the click with me.

I educate. I coach. I inspire. I love. I laugh. I motivate and seek connection and meaning in all that I do.

Now that I have got this far, I am determined to be as authentic and vulnerable as professionally possible, because those are also my strengths.

If you're looking for a pragmatic, friendly coach or consultant to help uncover your hidden strengths and natural leadership potential, then book your first consultation.

Our unique collaboration is one of mutual growth.