My mission is to bring forth truth and reconciliation in education. I coach educators, parents and children to overcome their intrinsic fears and discover their hidden strengths. I support them to make their own dreams come true and allow that journey to be their greatest lesson and legacy.
— Hyacinth Jones, CEO Taimana Consulting


resilient brilliant authentic Leadership


Many authority figures are blind to the emotional trauma we’ve personally endured and unconsciously inflict on others, as a consequence of our collective human history and hidden patterns of self-sabotage.

A 12 session coaching programme will help you:

  • Strengthen your competencies in social and emotional intelligence;

  • Manage your most difficult emotions with compassion and relate to others authentically and lovingly;

  • Radically improve your health, relationships, career prospects and financial status;

  • CONSCIOUSLY create positive experiences for yourself and clear your energetic resonance, so opportunities, support and the joy you want in your life will gravitate to you, effortlessly.


Welcome to the parenting revolution

Holistic Leadership Consultant, Hyacinth Jones coaches, trains and mentors parents, EDUCATORS AND TEENS.

Are you experiencing stress levels that affect your weight, your marriage, your relationships with colleagues or even with your children or grandchildren?

Do you have a lifestyle that constantly means you’re having to work that extra bit harder to make ends meet?

Do you want to break the cycles of disappointment and face your fears to create a beautiful life and happiness you can appreciate every single day?